Small business websites

How can small businesses benefit from their own website?

  • Sell their product or service online
  • Inform potential customers of what you offer
  • Provide an immediate way for your customers to ask questions or provide feedback
  • Publish your price list
  • Launch a new product and dedicate a website to pictures and specifications for customers and the media
  • Provide an easy way to get potential customers to make contact
  • Supplement adverts in Yellow Pages, press etc
  • Save printing and mailing costs by reducing the number of leaflets/catalogues you need
  • Save the time spent on the phone explaining your product or service
  • Let people who see your business card or notepaper find out more
  • Present a professional impression to customers, suppliers, investors etc.
  • Let suppliers and customers know about you and what you stand for
  • Give directions to your shop/office/premises
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Available to potential customers 24 hours a day
  • Publish letters and references from satisfied customers
  • Make changes to any information straight away


Domestic internet use is now 45% of UK households with more than 11million home users*.

4 million of those have unmetered packages*.

3.5million regularly make online purchases.

On average, the keenest internet users are aged between 35 and 44, but there have been significant increases in the numbers of women and blue-collar workers who are also switching on to the internet.

* source - OFTEL

Why do your competitors have a website?  If they don't, get one before they do!

Can you think of any more reasons?  e-mail us and we'll add them to this list

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