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replace you465@yourname7.freeISP.co.uk with you@yourname.co.uk

If you are ordering a website (www.yourname.co.uk)... If you only want an e-mail address...
  • we can set up a matching e-mail address (you@yourname.co.uk)
  • we will register a domain name of your choice, eg, yourcompany.co.uk or yourname.com
  • We will automatically divert e-mail sent to your address(es) to your current e-mail account(s), e.g. at Freeserve or at work
  • You can have multiple e-mail addresses, eg,
      • enquiries@yourcompany.co.uk ---> is sent to ---> you@freeserve.co.uk

        sales@yourcompany.co.uk ---> is sent to ---> your.assistant@btinternet.co.uk

        michael@yourcompany.co.uk ---> is sent to ---> michael.smith@hiswork.com

You can configure your PC to project your new e-mail address so people do not see your current old one.  Click here for details.


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