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Have a look through the questions and answers below.  If you still unsure of anything please contact us.

Why is it so cheap?

We are a small internet company and do not have some of the expensive overheads that our London based competitors have.  We want small businesses and individuals to be able to get a website simply and easily.  We believe that £99 makes having your own website widely accessible.  We also hope that once our customers are online their businesses will benefit, and we will benefit with more custom from them and their colleagues.

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How will my website be designed?

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will design your website on a clean white background with a coloured menu bar if you have more than one page.  You will provide the content and we will design it on your page(s).  You will have the opportunity to request any changes before your site goes live.  If you wish we can write the contents of your page and suggest links, logos etc. for an additional charge.  If you have a clear idea of how your website should look you can send us sketches or files that we will replicate.

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How soon will my website be live?

Depending on our workload, the whole process can take less than a week, but we can set up your website and domain name in 24 hours for an express charge.

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What can I add to my website?

You can send us logos, pictures, and text to include in your website.  Ideally these should be in an electronic format and e-mailed to us.  You can also send us photographs or logos from your headed note paper etc. that we can convert into electronic format.  We can also design logos for you.

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Can I take my website to another provider?

Yes.  We hope you won't, but you are under no obligation to stay with us.  We can transfer your website and domain name to another provider and will only charge a small administration charge to cover our costs.

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is your unique name on the internet that identifies your website - users type it in so that they can see your site.  When we register a domain name for you we 'point' the name to our computer so that anyone typing in your domain name is directed to the computer space where we store your website.  A domain name looks like this:  This is sometimes called an Internet address.

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Should I choose a '' or a 'dot com' domain name?

This all boils down to personal choice.  A domain name clearly identifies you as a company based and trading in the UK, while a dot com could be based in the US or anywhere.  There are no restrictions, so you could be trading in Leeds only but still be a 'dot com' if you want.  There is no doubt that a 'dot com' has more credence associated with it - it makes your company sound bigger - a dot com is the definitive domain name to have.  On balance we would recommend that if the dot com version of your domain name is available we should register it for you - you may wish to have this as well as the version, but you only need one domain name and perhaps this keeps things simpler!

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What are the new .biz and .info domain names?

The internet authorities have recently announced the launch of 7 new 'top level domains' which include .biz, .info, .museum, and .coop.  Dot biz is intended for businesses and dot info, not surprisingly, for websites containing information only.  These two are now available for registration at the same prices as dot com domain names and can be used in exactly the same way as a dot com, ie,

     your website

     e-mail to

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What are these other domain names ending in .ws, .cc, .fm, .to, .it etc?

These are the domain names that were created for specific countries in the same way that .uk is used in the United Kingdom.  Some of these have become used as new 'global' domain names - dot fm is actually designated to the Federated States of Micronesia, but some radio stations have found that the domain name offers a succinct web address such as our local station here -  There are some restrictions on registrations of some domain names - Italy's domain name .it is only available to residents of Italy - you can see that there could be a rush to register domain names such as by shops or by doctors etc!  If you are interested in any of these alternative domain names please contact us to discuss or for a quote

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I already have a domain name - can I transfer it to GETSETup.NET?

Yes.  If you have already registered a domain name yourself or another company has done this for you we can easily transfer to GETSETup.NET.

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What do you mean by 'publish on the internet'?

We transfer the electronic files that make up your website to a computer that is permanently connected to the internet.  We also direct your domain name to that computer so that anyone typing in your domain name sees your website.

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How can I use my domain name?

1. To identify your website:
2. As an e-mail address:

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What happens to my e-mail?

Any e-mail sent to is automatically sent on to an e-mail address that you provide us.  This could be an e-mail address at work or one you have set up at home with a company like Freeserve or BTinternet. eg, --->

This is included in the price of your package.

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Why might I want more than one e-mail address?

You may want to define different e-mail addresses to use with your business, such as, or  We can then automatically send e-mail sent to these addresses to different mailboxes, eg, ---> ---> --->

We make a small charge for setting up more than one e-mail address.

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How can I get my logo or picture on my website?

The easiest way is to send us your logo in electronic format (eg a .gif or .jpeg file) and we will do the rest.  If you have your logo on a word document or spreadsheet we can access it too.  If you only have your logo on paper we can electronically scan it and add it to your website.  Finally, we can design your logo from scratch.

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What does the renewal fee cover?

The annual renewal fee covers

  1. Re-registration of your domain name with the relevant authorities so that it can be used for both website and e-mail
  2. The computer space that is used to host your website
  3. Your website available on the internet 24 hours a day (ie, hosted).

Renewal fees are annual and start from year 2.

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